Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eating Bananas!

At his young age, Ben has developed a taste for a variety of foods. Nothing compares to Bananas though. He really loves them! He loves to try to feed himself too! I just chop little portions of banana up for him & he goes to town!

Here's a few quick snaps of him eating:

Monday, June 7, 2010

I Love My Job!!!!

As many other moms out there, I love my job as MOM!!! I have 2 great kids, Evan, age 5 (almost) & Ben who is 8 months old. I have a loving husband. It's pure bliss! I feel sooo incredibly blessed by God. One of my favorite things to do during the day is stalk my kids around w/ my camera. I usually get my favorite shots that way. Catch them off guard & get a really natural expression. Today was Ben's day. I stalked him around as he played. He kept trying to get away, but I snapped away. He's cruising around now , but still a bit slow at it. I'll leave you w/ a shot I got of him today.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A little about myself...

I'm Selena. I grew up in a small town. The kind of small town where everyone knows everyone. I grew up in a relatively normal family. We didn't have a lot of money, but we always seemed to make things work. I'm very proud of my upbringing b/c I was instilled w/ values that I carry to this day. My Dad worked hard for what we had. My Mother stayed home tending to the house & helping us w/our homework. We had our quirks, but what family doesn't, right. I had a lot of friends in town. My sister & I would get together & ride bikes all over town to hang w/ friends or our cousins. Those were the days.

Nowadays I hardly have time to keep up w/ anything. But you're not gonna hear me complaining about it. It's the way life is meant to be. I take it all in stride. I love my life.

How I Met My Husband:

I met my husband in an unusual way. He was in the US Navy at the time. One of my good buddies brought Gerald over to my house. I wasn't home at the time. I had went to the store. But was pleasantly surprised by the handsome man sitting on my couch. Then I started to panic b/c I was not looking my best that day. Y'see it was my day off work & I was looking a mess. Hair in a pony tail, green shorts on & a purple shirt. No makeup on. A real mess.

Gerald is naturally a shy guy. EXTREMELY laid back too! A few days went by & I had seen him a bit since then, as friends. (I made sure I was looking my best those days). I got the nerve to ask him out on a date. We had a blast on that date too & the rest is history! That was nearly 15 yrs ago. We are still just as happy as the day we fell in love! We've been married for 8 yrs. We have 2 wonderful boys.


I have TONS of things I love to do. Photography is at the top of my list. I've loved it all my life. You'll be seeing loads of photos here in upcoming posts. I have no professional aspirations. I just wanna be one of those Moms who take great photos of her kids. That's all. There's always a place in the world for moms like that. I love to cook too! That's something I've loved ever since I got married. Never had an interest in it till I got married. I love gardening, fishing, scrapbooking (which I don't have a lot of time for regrettably), I love all kinds of music (mostly rock music) & I LOVE scary movies! My newest scary thing has been watching the show "Ghost Adventures" WOW! Late at night is not a good idea! Good stuff!

So that's a little about me. I could go on & on. I'm pretty talkative. I'm gonna try to make this a weekly thing. So stay tuned!


I'm back to blogging again!

This is something I always liked to do. This time I'm gonna have a great time w/ it! Life has been good to me. God has blessed me sooooo much! So sit back I make yourself comfortable while I ramble on about all the things going on w/ my family!